Collective Research & Meeting, Athens 2014

Athens, 27June – 1 July 2014

27th June, Friday – Embros theatre, Opening Event

19:00: Piraeus in a Logistical World: Infrastructure, Labour & Struggles


Logistical Worlds: Brett Neilson and Ned Rossiter

Piraeus research: Pavlos Hatzopoulos and Dimitris Parsanoglou

Calcutta research: Ranabir Samaddar

Valparaíso research: Hernán Cuevas

Video on Piraeus research: produced by Ilias Marmaras, Anna Lascari, Carolin Phillip


28th June, Saturday – Embros theatre (upstairs room)

10:00-10:15: Introductions by all

10:15-11:15: Research program in Piraeus: Pavlos Hatzopoulos

11:15-13:15: 1st Session – Labour regimes in Piraeus port

Dimitris Parsanoglou

Dimitris Batsioulis and Nikos Markakis (fired PCT employees in Piraeus)

Giorgos Gogos (Dockworker union – OLP)

13:15-14:30: Lunch 1

14:30-16:00: 2nd Session – Scrap and Metal Industry

Carolin Philip

Giorgos Karapelis (filmmaker – Raw Material)

16:00 – 17:30: 3rd Session – Infrastructure and Struggles

Reggina Zervou (Researcher/Activist)

Dimitris Dalakoglou (Crisis-scape project)

17:30-18:30: Anna Lascari – The Ikonion-Thriassion rail link


29thJune, Sunday

The whole day: Rest day


30thJune, Monday: Site visits – Following the Ikonion-Thriassion railline

10:00: Start from Hotel. Stops at:

Perama: Coffee at the local café.

Thriassion: Discussion with JP Avax engineers involved in the construction of the freight centre

Aspropyrgos: Discussion with local teacher and civil engineer

14:00-15:30 Lunch (Kritikos)

16:00-17:30 Newly-builts

Coffee at the local café and presentation by Ilias Marmaras


1stJuly, Tuesday – Centre for Gender Studies, Panteion

10:00-11:30: 3rd Session – Infrastructures and Corridors

Giorgio Grappi

Nelli Kambouri

11:30-13:30: Discussion of project development and publishing – Brett Neilson and Ned Rossiter

13:30-15:00: Lunch

15:00-17:00 Prototype of game and closing – Ned Rossiter and Brett Neilson


Venue Locations

Empros Theatre, Riga Palamidou 2, Athens


How to get there:

On the Metro:

Monastiraki metro station. Get out from the Athinas street exit. Take Miaouli street and walk straight up to Psirri square. Make a left on Agion Anargyron street and walk straight up to the junction with Katsikogianni street. Take a right turn and walk for another 50 meters to arrive at the theatre.

Centre for Gender Studies, Panteion University, 136 Syggrou Ave, Athens


How to get there:

By bus or trolley-bus:

Take buses 040, 106, 126, 134, 135, 136, 137, 550, Α2, Β2, Ε22, Ε90 from Syntagma square and get off at ‘Panteion’ stop.

On the Metro:

Take the ‘red line’ (Line 2: Anthoupoli – Elliniko | red line) and get off at ‘Syngrou-Fix’. Follow the signs to ‘Exit to Syngrou/Drakou’ and you will emerge on Syngrou Avenue. From there, you can either take a bus or trolley-bus from the stop in front of the Metro escalators on Syngrou Avenue and get off four stops later at ‘Panteion’. If you are not in a hurry, it is a 12-minute walk down Syngrou Avenue to Panteion University.


Athens Meeting, 29-30 November 2013


Athina Athanassiou
Nikos Bellavilas
Polina Brettou
Costis Chatzimichalis
Hernán Cuevas
Giorgio Grappi
Pavlos Hatzopoulos
Ursula Huws
Nelli Kambouri
Mithilesh Kumar
Illias Marmaras
Sandro Mezzadra
Brett Neilson
Dimitris Parsanoglou
Thanasis Priftis
Ned Rossiter
Ranabir Samaddar
Dina Vaiou
William Walters

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